• Welcome to Arlington Grove Housing Co-op

Due to the length of our waitlist, we are not currently accepting applications for new members. If you are renewing an application that is already on file with us, please see the  apply page for details and instructions.

Arlington Grove Housing Cooperative is a not-for-profit housing cooperative located in the Champlain Heights area of Vancouver.

Nestled in the southeast corner of the city, Arlington Grove is surrounded by natural green space and city parks, including Captain Cook Park and Sparwood Park. Within the co-op, communal spaces are well maintained and landscaped with an abundance of established tree growth, including Douglas fir, cedar and hemlock. The co-op is also well connected by transit and close to many amenities, such as shopping, schools, community centres and professional services.

Our first members moved in when the property opened in 1984. Over more than 35 years, many original members continue to call Arlington Grove home and are actively involved in the day-to-day operation of our co-op.

Together, original and new members continue to proudly foster a tight-knit community at Arlington Grove. We know each other’s families, we bring in each other’s recycling bins and we work together to keep our co-op safe, beautifully landscaped and a great place to live.