New Applications

If you have not yet applied for membership please download our application form by clicking the button below, fill it out, and then:

  • scan and email it to us, or
  • print a copy and mail it to our mailing address, or
  • drop it off in person (there is a mail slot outside of our office which you can use)


Co-op Application Form


Note: You can find our mailing and email addresses on our contact page.

Update Existing Application

If you circumstances have changed (for example, a new member of your family has arrived and you require a larger unit), you can simply follow the above instructions for a new applicant and make a note that the application is an update to an existing application.

Six Month Notification

To notify us of your continuing interest, you can send us an email or mail in a written note to our mailing address. Please specify the name used in the original application and also note the unit size you requested.