NOTE: As of January 27, 2018, we are no longer accepting applications for new members. Our waitlist is prohibitively long at this time. We will update this site and open our application for new members as circumstances change.

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Market Rate Applicant

We have a limited number of units that are eligible for subsidy, where the member pays less than the market rate for the unit. All other units are available at the "market" rate. We accept both types of applications, but we need to know which category of applicant you are. The following information details the minimum monthly gross household income required to qualify for a market rate unit. This is the sum of gross monthly income attributable to all adult members of your household.

Rooms Monthly Income Required for Market Unit
1 bedroom apartment $ 2031
2 bedroom apartment $ 2294
2 bedroom townhome $ 2486
3 bedroom townhome no basement $ 3114
3 bedroom townhome with basement $ 3114
4 bedroom townhome with basement $ 3239